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In celebrations of Oman’s national day, marking it’s the fiftieth anniversary that elevated the name of Oman and it’s history. We are excited to present
to you our latest unique addition, that reflects the authenticity of the legacy and the elegance of the name, embodied in an opulent fragrance. A remarkable fragrance that enriches your senses with it’s rich animalic base of precious natural oud and amber infused with floral notes, leather, saffron, vanilla, and Musk. The fragrance is brought to you and for the first time, in an exclusive quantity of 50 pcs, available for pre-ordering through our official website.


Inspired by the Omani heritage, we present to you a symbol of prestige and divine beauty. Khanjar reflects the authenticity of Oman’s historic symbol in a fragrance that opens with a rich infusion of floral notes, saffron, and bergamot followed by a precious combination of oud, ambergris, and leather with musk, sandalwood, and vanilla

Nose: Philippe Paparella – Muatasim Al Hinai

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